IVF - the journey no one really talks about.

IVF – the journey no one really talks about.

Make sure you read this amazingly candid article from @Tryingtobeamum, we are so thrilled that we can provide a platform for mums and dads to have conversations around topics like IVF which people are usually keeping locked inside. Having been trying to conceive for the last four years, I finally decided that maybe the best …

The Power of Social Media

Social Power – The Positive Side of Social Media

I first joined Facebook just a few years ago, very much a laggard to the whole social media concept.  I refused to believe (and still do) that my life would be interesting to any but my closest family.  Even when I eventually signed up it was only as a useful tool for work I was …

Explain It! - Voting

Explain it! – Why you Should be Voting

In the second of our Explain it! Series we are taking about voting and the power of change, that young people in particular, can bring about by getting involved. If you missed our first Explain It! instalment on how the government works you can catch up HERE.  I will start this article by saying that …

The Power of Change - Let's Work it!

Power of Change – Lets Work it!

For many parents the workplace is home and for many others it is a place of business but are ANY of these parents getting the flexibility they really need?! Vicki and I are both mums, we have decided that the best way to try and earn a living for us is to start our own …

BTS - Parental Control

What about Parental Control Apps?

What’s the problem? One problem parents of children starting secondary school this September, will be facing is that of the mobile phone.  It is that tough time of indecision, of whether or not to allow the child to have a phone of their own.  Now many children will already have a phone before this and …

New Perspective

New Perspective – Learning to Love the Skin You are In

Have you ever observed that when you think about the people you care about in your life there are lots of things you don’t notice about them?  Like when someone asks you if they have lost weight or got new glasses or a beard you only notice at first or if you haven’t seen them …

Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman – My Life Without Friends

I have spent years of my life perfecting the art of being invisible, no easy feat when my height (5ft 11) has played its part in helping me stand apart from others.  You can read my 5 tips on growing up tall here.  As I have gone through the various stages of my life without …

Quantity versus Quality time

How to change Quantity Time into Quality Time

As a SAHP I spend a large quantity of time with my children but does this add up to a good amount of quality time? You would think it would be easy over the course of a whole day to chalk up a certain amount of good quality time with each child or even just …

When Breast May Not Be Best

When Breast May Not Be Best

Okay, I know that breastfeeding is the best thing for my baby. I am an intelligent woman who wants the best for her child, I can read about all the reasons why I should be Breastfeeding and besides everybody tells you of the benefits which are both varied and many. It is rammed down your …

Extra Curricular - 5 Ways to relieve the social pressure

All In The Head

My daughter has been in therapy for over a year now and it is the best thing we ever did.  100% I felt embarrassed by it and felt like I had to hide or explain it, the reaction I sometimes received often compounded this feeling. After a conversation with my daughter though I started to …