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YouTube - Hook the Viewer


With the spotlight on entrepreneurs this week we are delighted to have Silvia Del Corso sharing her tips on hooking the viewer on YouTube.  Silvia assists Small Business and Freelancers with Digital Marketing (Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Management, PPC, E-mail Marketing) and has done so for 7 years. Her new website PinkSEO.Marketing will be launched on October 31st so be sure to take a look. 




Most people get an opinion of a video and a channel in the first 7 – or less – seconds.

What are you telling them, to convince them to keep on watching it?

It takes people a few seconds to decide if they want to watch the rest of a video: this means that you have to give your best right at the beginning of a video!

Let’s take a look at 3 examples of of strategies that we could use to create engagement for 3 very different type of channels: an entertainment channel, a tutorial one and a business channel.

  • If you have an entertainment channel, you must aim to provide a strong emotion from the very beginning: a shock, a provocation, or a laugh. Start your video with an unexpected, shocking sentence: you’ll sparkle their curiosity straight forward. Or break the ice with a funny story, give them a positive emotion from the very beginning: you’ll get closer to them, gaining their sympathy already.
  • Do you have a channel with tutorials or informational videos? Start showing immediately what your audience will be able to do after watching your videos and learning what you teach them. Try to understand what is your audience’s biggest worry regarding the current topic and explain how your video will help them solve the problem. Show a teaser of the final result in the beginning of the video. They will have to watch it to the end to understand how did you get those results.
  • Does your video focus on a product or a service? Get to understand your audience’s main possible objections ad answer to them answer in advance. Don’t focus on the technical features of your product in the introduction of your video, but on the needs of your public.


  1. Your gaze, your gesture, the tone of your voice, the music, the quality of the video: all these factors will influence you targeted audience’s first impression.
  2. Your theme song can’t be any longer than 5 seconds, unless it’s amazing. If you channel still needs to be known, don’t have any theme song in the beginning. Give an exciting introduction, then off with the theme song.
  3. Make the title relevant to the content of the video, or your watcher will feel puzzled and abandon the video.

Now, it’s time for some homework 🙂

  • Check your 10 best and your worst videos. Try to understand what worked and what didn’t work in their introduction. Check Youtube Analytics to understand when does the viewer abandon the video and which portions were most engaging.
  • Now study successful channels of your type. Watch their intros and read comments: they will show you your target’s persona and guess they want from videos.

YouTube - Hook the Viewer

If you have enjoyed this article be sure to take a look at the website, Silvia loves networking, writing and talking about Digital Marketing. From 2018 she’s providing modular courses on the different sectors of Digital Marketing (SEO for beginners, Email Marketing, specific Social Media Management, Content Optimisation, and much more) to be consumed remotely in the form of recorded videos, followed by in-depth interactive Skype live lessons with exercises.

Do you have a YouTube video we would love to share it for you, join the hub!

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