Xmas is Coming! – Cool Advent Calendars to Count Down

I have no idea who started the current wave of cool product filled advent calendars but whoever it was THANK YOU!!!  Already my favourite time of year, Christmas is now that much more exciting as I wait to see what advent calendar goodies I can get my hands on!  

Cool Christmas Advent Calendars

When it comes to Christmas I like to be super organised so I start my shopping around September, it helps to spread the cost and avoid the crowds.  (You can get ahead too if you check out our recent post on top Christmas markets to visit).  Sometimes I just see things that are right and pick them up because they tend to sell out closer to the time.  The downside to this early bird tendency is that I see something better but to be honest this doesn’t really happen very often. 

I try to put a lot of thought into my presents and only get things that I know the person would love.  People often chat about things they would like or have seen so it can be quite easy to pick up on ideas.  I also keep a list each year so I never repeat!  Of course there are always those people who are extremely hard to buy for but it is great to know I have the majority under my belt so I feel less pressured.  

One of the greatest things about Christmas for me is the anticipation!  What can I say I just don’t want to grow up!  So each year I am on the lookout for all these things.  Picking up the gift guides.  Are the displays set up in store.  When will the calendars be released.  Is it time for Christmas songs on the radio.  Has the garden centre got their decoration displays.  Can I light up my house!  When can I get my tree.  Is it time to put all the presents out!  The excitement of all of these things is what makes Christmas for me.  When Christmas day arrives and everyone sees the tree, the lights, the presents and you just chill together, ahhhhh!

Anyway back to my point.  A few years ago someone upped the game and brought out the glory that is the product filled advent calendar and now they are everywhere (happy dance!).  These calendars not only allow you to sample a range of your favourite products but they usually offer a price saving for doing so.  I have been having a little scout around and have found a few little treasures to share will you.  

Advent Calendars for the Kids 

  • Smiggle Calendar – This is great for boys or girls holding a countdown of stationary treats that kids will adore (trust me on this one we filmed an unboxing video of this calendar the other day and it was a frenzy!)
  • Happyland Calendar – For younger children this calendar is filled with adorable Christmassy characters to play with.
  • Soft Stuff Calendar – Probably also for a younger audience but you really cant go wrong with play dough for any age kids, with cutters etc, this looks great.

Advent Calendars for the Tweens & Teens

I have been hunting for teen boy calendars but no luck so far.  If you know of any please, please share!  (come on Lynx you know you want to, wink!)

  • Boots Calendar – Now I have a sneaking suspicion that boots are the instigators of the product calendar but I could well be wrong!  Either way they know how to make you happy with a mix of make up, tools and creams.
  • Zoella Calendar – This has been received with mixed reviews on twitter, only a 12 day calendar but if you have a Zoella fan in your house this is sure to be a winner!
  • Body Shop Calendars – Body shop have a choice of Calendars from the ultimate to the beauty one I just don’t know where to start!

Advent Calendars for the Grown Ups

  • John Lewis Calendar – John Lewis has released what looks to be a very promising entry into the calendar race this year with plenty of top name entries I may just have to snap this up for myself!
  • The Sparkle Advent Calendar – This one will be of interest to the wine lovers out there, offering 20cl bottles of Prosecco, Cava, Sparkling Pinot Noir and Rose order quickly on this one!
  • Master of Malt Calendars – Name your poison from Vodka, Gin, Bourbon, Absinthe, Cognac and Whisky and even a build your own option, there is definitely a drop of something for you at Master of Malt!

For Everyone

  • The Book Advent Calendar – Just launch the book advent calendar allows you to order a set of 12 or 25 books specifying the age, gender and genre preferences of the recipient.  A great idea!
  • The Reverse Advent Calendar – Take this opportunity to give something back and create a reverse advent calendar.  Fill a box with food, clothes, gifts, decorations or a mix of all of them and donate it to a local charity in your area.  Where I live they collect gifts, food and decorations for families who can’t afford to celebrate Christmas without these.  I am sure something like this runs everywhere or there are homeless charities, food banks and toy appeals that runs as well.


So hopefully we have ignited a spark of Christmas excitement for you.  Now all that remains is for the count down begin!

Sam x


If you can shed any light on the instigator of the calendar trend or where I can find a teen boy advent calendar I would be really grateful to know!  Just leave me a comment, TIA!

Photo by Tom Rickhuss on Unsplash

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