Reconnect: Role Reversal

Reconnect: Turn it Upside Down with Family Change

Welcome back to our Reconnect Series!  Where we attempt to bring you fun and inventive ways to spend time together as a family rebuilding your connections and bringing some harmony back to family life!  You can find all of our ideas in the Cheetah section, take a look to find the perfect idea for your family.

Reconnect: Family Change

This week we have been focusing on the power of change.  Small changes, big changes and all the areas we could make an impact.  So of course we wanted this instalment of Reconnect to fit in with this idea of change as well.  Small changes can lead to big changes particularly in your personal life! Research suggests that it takes just 21 days to form a new habit, whether that habit is a good or a bad one is up to you!  If I think about the small habits I would like to form in my life, going to bed earlier, less screen time, play more, read more, they seems so simple I wonder why I haven’t conquered them yet?!

I know as my children get older one of my goals has to be to try to keep up the communication channels, so that we can try to stay connected.  Maybe this is one of your goals?  So for the next 21 days try to talk to your child in a different way than you usually do and see if you can create a new habit!  The feeling of being misunderstood is, for kids especially, one of the hardest things to deal with.  It can be seriously hard to remember the intensity of feelings you experienced as a tween or teen, how all encompassing your problems seemed.  Also as adults we tend to look back with our special rosy glasses on.  With this in mind you can see just how quickly your kids feel misunderstood, and the path to disconnect begins.

So onto the main event what is our idea to call a halt to this problem…..

Role Reversal

Hollywood has flooded our screens with a variety of role reversal movies all with extreme disagreement turning into connection through shared experience and understanding of the other persons perspective.  Freaky Friday, 17 Again, Big, The Hot Chick, 13 going on 30 the list really is very long!  It seems no matter how many times we are shown the concept we still don’t get the hint, to try to see things from another persons perspective, and preferably without the body swapping too!

Reconnect: Family Change

The question is how well do you know the daily grind of each others life?  All too often we come home and tell each other that our day was fine, sometimes even when it was anything but.  How often do we actually share the detail of the day and how it felt?  Without this information how can we ask the right questions?  Clearly how was your day isn’t quite cutting it.  Certainly mums and dads will know better than asking that fatal question “so how was school today”, a question that seems to turn even the most chatty of children into grunting cavepeople!

The Challenge…

Our proposal is for you to challenge yourselves to a whole evening, day, weekend, or however long you think you can stand!  Of a role reversal.  For the adults this will mean, (depending on the age of the kids), relinquishing their decision making powers and responsibilities and in return they may get to enjoy the pleasure of being sent for a bath and early bed!  While the children can experience the happiness of being in control of their dinner and screens!

We hope that the experience will show each of you not only the frustrations of each others lives but the bits you enjoy so that in the future you can work together to try to reduce the frustrating bits and increase the enjoyable moments.  There is certainly nothing like living in someone else’s life to give you a true appreciation of what you can do to make it better for them.

Sam x

Let us know how you get on with your role reversal, any tips you pick up along the way would be massively appreciated by our community so don’t forget to share them with us!

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