Reconnect 10 classic board games

Reconnect: 10 Classic Board Games

Reconnect 10 classic board games

Time for us to reconnect again, we are ready with a new idea for you all to get together as a family and of course we like to keep it on theme! There can be no better way to hone your entrepreneurial skills than to sit down to play a board game. Watch as your family’s competitive spirit awakens and suddenly the mini moguls arrive at the table ready to thrash mum and dad at one of these timeless classics.

1) Monopoly
There could be no other choice for the number one spot! Handling finances, real estate and building an empire this game certainly offers much in the way of training for any entrepreneur. More than that, surely there is not a family in the land who hasn’t enjoyed the fun of monopoly together.

2) Pictionary
The game of quick draw is a brilliant team building tool. Prefect for improving your communication skills, just make sure you pick the best artist to be in your team! Working together feels good when your winning!

3) Cluedo
If you like a good mystery then you can’t go wrong with the classic game of cluedo! Working as a super sleuth you will learn to ask the right questions, think critically and narrow down the options to make sure you know you killed Mr Plum in the Drawing Room with the Candlestick.

4) Battleship
For those that prefer a more military angle, why not try to sink a battleship or two. This game of strategy has a ruthless side but it can really help you to plan and think out your moves ahead of time. Take decisions more slowly and thoughtfully in order to win.

5) Cranium
Cranium is the game that is perfect for the family that has a varied skill set. Are you the artist, the sculptor, the brain or the actor? As well as playing to your strengths it also teaches you how to make your weaknesses work just as hard for you.

6) Game of Life
This game does exactly what it says on the box. You get a job and earn money to have kids, buy property and go on holiday. Live your fantasy life and see where you dreams can take you. Would I be the only one interested in having a trial run on life?!

7) Trivial Pursuit

Having a wide base of general knowledge can certainly serve you well in life and in business, so this is a great game for craming in those factual nuggets!

8) Scrabble
Words are important, they can be a powerful weapon for your future business life so what better way to word up than to play the ultimate word game that is Scrabble! Challenge yourselves to come up with bigger and better words each time you play but remember to keep the dictionary handy in case of disputes!

9) Connect 4
A really great simple game which again uses your planning skills as well encouraging you to remember that even the best laid plans sometimes need to be abandoned for the ultimate win. An excellent business and life lesson to learn that your plans sometimes need to be flexible to succeed.

10) Guess Who
Life is all about people and making connections. A big part of achieving that is about asking questions and listening, so what better way to learn to ask the right questions and pay attention to the answers than a quick game of guess who.

I think it is so easy to forget the pleasure these games can give as they hide away in the back of the cupboard. I know that many of my favourite family memories involve these very games and I definitely need to remember to dust them off more often with my own family. Who knows I may pick up some useful tips for LLG!

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