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Moving House Made Easy – er!

Moving house is right up there on the stress – o – meter of life, with all the how to help out there how much easier is it?  It is still a complex process involving many third parties all working to their own agendas.  Long drawn out timescales or scarily short ones, and endless reams of people to contact with your new address!  Having recently gone through the process again, and vowing never to move again I have a few nuggets which I hope will help you.

Moving House made easy - er


Lists are already a large part of my life but if you are a fly by the seat of your pants kind of person who doesn’t like to plan much, then get ready to have lists about your lists!  To keep it minimal you only really need 3 lists and don’t forget to share out the tasks so you don’t end up doing them all yourself;

1 list of what needs to be done before you move – what to pack, what to throw, what to recycle, removals if needed, cleaning, making good etc.

1 list of what needs to be done on the day – make endless cups of tea and coffee for the helpers, read the meters, empty the fridge and freezer, take out the rubbish, load your car.

Lastly 1 list of what needs to be done after the move – unpack, clean, call services, text/call everyone you know to change your address, redirect your post.

I know all these things seem obvious but trust me decluttering your mind onto a list can be really valuable at a stressful time like this.

2. Don’t Sweat

Sadly moving house never seems to be a simple and straight forward process much of it you have little or no control over so you may as well relax and let it flow!  I am terrible for reacting to every small thing and the only person it affects, apart from my long suffering husband, is me!  No one else could give 2 pennies whether I am bothered or not and my reaction has no bearing on the outcome so I may as well just chill.  I know this one is easier said than done

3. Labels

I love to shop so it is perhaps inevitable that I always seem to have way more than I need, particularly in the wardrobe!  So when packing you have an excellent opportunity to cleanse (I am actually good at cleansing it is the keeping it cleansed that I have trouble with!) once you have narrowed down what you actually need to take then labelling becomes your best friend!  It is really tempting to put some vague description on your box and move on but resist this temptation with all your might and you will be ever thankful to yourself at the other end.  If you can designate the boxes to the rooms in your new place then so much the better in saving yourself more time at the unpacking end.  

With excellent labelling telling you exactly what you have in each box you can quickly decide whether to unpack it straight away or whether it needs to wait for a home, just don’t wait too long!  Personally I hate living with boxes around me so I tend to unpack as fast as humanly possible!  My downfall is if the box is put away somewhere I can’t see it like a cupboard then I am in danger of leaving it there for months!

Make moving house easy - er

4. Take your time

In the flurry of moving out and moving in it is so, so easy to forget that you are closing a chapter of your life and starting a new one.  Make sure you take your time before you shut that door to think back on the memories, walk from room to room and just process your thoughts and emotions on leaving.  Then again on arrival at your new pad allow yourself to be excited, to wander around and make plans before the intensity of unpacking begins.  Old memories and the feeling at the start of new adventures are things you will want to remember later as you look back so give yourself the time to experience your life as it happens!

If you are on the verge of a move then I wish you all the best and hope that my simple tips have made it the tiniest bit easier!

Sam x

As always we would love to share any tips you have so feel free to leave them in the comments.  If you have an ultimate moving checklist then we would love to publish it for you head over to the Join In page to send it through to us.

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa and Christopher Harris on Unsplash

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