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This Jargon has been busted by the young people I know and as such some variation may apply, with your help we aim to be continually working on updating the Jargon Buster so if you need something busting or you want to let us know a definition that isn’t clear, drop us a line in the comments or using our contact us page!


A Snake – A grass

Air/Airing – Ignoring me

Allow – Forget about something (forgive a grudge)

Bae – my sweetheart (only used in social media not IRL)

Bant – Banter

Bare – A lot or very

Basic – Boring, unattractive

BBFF – Best Boyfriend Forever

Beef – A grudge

BFF – Best Friend Forever

BGFF – Best Girlfriend Forever

BTW – By the way

Buff – Referring to a male being fit

Butters – Unattractive

Calm – Nothing to worry about

CBA – Can’t be Ar*ed

Curve – To reject someone’s advances

Dab – A victory movement with both arms raised in a similar movement to Usain Bolt

Don’t be Peak – Don’t be fake

Epic – Awesome

Fam – A close friend, someone you consider dear to you

FFS – For F**k sake

Fleek – Good, cool (usually used for appearance)

FTW – For the Win (a way of expressing enthusiasm)

G –  As in gangsta. Mate (this is also accompanied by a hand signal with thumb, fore and little fingers up others down)

Gorn – Gorgeous

GTG – Got to go

HMU – Give me a shout out

ICYMI – In case you missed it

IRL – In real life

JK – Jokes                 

Legit – Cool or high quality or also used to mean genuinely or honestly

Lit – Awesome

LOL – Laugh out loud or Lots of love

Long – Slow (could take a while)

LY – Love you

Main – Bestie

Melt – Coward, weakling, phoney

Meme – a picture accompanied by a text intended to make you laugh

’nuff – enough

On Point – Perfection

OTT – Over the top

Peak  – Bad

Peng – Attractive

Rlly – Really

Sheg – To be embarrassed

Ship – A relationship you approve of

Shook – Shocked, very surprised

Slay – Succeed at something (especially fashion)

Snatched – Stylish

Squad – Group, team

Stan – To be a fan of someone

Streak – A series of snaps between 2 friends that don’t have to mean anything denoted by an S on the screen in order to see how many you can both achieve

Sus – Suspect, sketchy, shady

Swag Level – Cool factor

TBH – To Be Honest

Tots – Totally

WDYM – What do you mean

TTFNGTG – Ta Ta for now got to

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