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Happiness is….a long run 😊

In the cold winter hours when it’s dark and there’s ice on the ground, I’m out trying to find my happy.  


I’ve always been a keen sportsman, having spent 25 years playing rugby and it’s fair to say that as I’ve gotten older and the pressures of family life and work have increased, it’s been tempting to put exercise on the back foot. The days of being able to give up two evenings a week for club training, plus several mornings a week in the gym and most of Saturday are long behind me.


Like most modern parents I find myself time poor.  When I don’t exercise though I definitely feel that the factors that make me unhappy seem worse; my sleep is poorer, I feel less healthy and I’m less organised.


My early morning runs are definitely a salvation.  Much to my family’s chagrin I’m one of those annoying people who wakes up at 100 miles an hour. A run first thing in the morning allows me to do some quality thinking, and plan out my day or solve some of those problems that have been nagging away at the back of my mind.  Running also allows me to set some targets and goals for myself.  I aim to run 15 – 25 miles per week and take part in a monthly race to satisfy my competitive urges.


We’re lucky in that we live in the countryside, I’ve seen some incredible natural sights in my time running. I’ve seen owls hunting in fields, otters swimming in rivers and had packs of deer cross my path.  It’s not just in the countryside I’ve seen amazing sights though.  I used to work in London and I would break my commute up with a run across London (saving money as well as getting healthy!) and I’d see many incredible sights be they people or animals!


So, in this time constrained modern age as I, like so many of us, struggle to balance family and work commitments I can at least be comfortable knowing that I have managed to carve out a little bit of time for me and some of the things that make me happy




If running isn’t for you it’s about finding the exercise that is! We all know the benefits of exercise if we can only find the motivation.


As a stay at home mum with a husband away working and no baby sitters I had to find a different way to exercise. When my little one was a baby I found I only had short nap times to work around as well as getting the chores done! There are loads of good HIIT (high intensity impact training) exercise ideas on Pinterest which can be done quickly and I found just squeezing in 20 minutes a day made a difference to my mood.


Check out our Pinterest board HERE for ideas.


When I have been able to get out to exercise, I have found some really good classes in local village halls as I am not near a gym that does classes (I am a wannabe gym bunny), that have been great fun and a good way of meeting people when you are at home all day.  Group exercise is good for me as when you get there you have to just do it! Zumba is my favourite as you get loads of exercise just dancing around and having fun! 


For the days I can’t get someone to look after the little one I have a little selection of DVDs so I can just work out in my lounge (with the curtains closed of course 😊)


Exercise is such a good way to help you be happy, what different ways of exercising have you found when you only have a little time each day? I would love to get some more ideas, so let me know in the comments!


If you would like to send us your happy stories on any subject we would love to share them so join in with us HERE


Vicki x

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