Gifts – Lists, Guides and Planning

Gifts - Guides, Lists and planning

Christmas is well on its way and its time to get in control of the Gift situation.  If you are happy to do it all last minute brilliant, check back with us later for some help with that.  If you are wanting to start but need a helping hand then here we go…

Gift Guides

Love a good gift guide and they can be invaluable in planning your gifting strategy.  Not only to they symbolise the start of the Christmas season but you can also see who is churning out the same old rubbish and who has new ideas.  Don’t get me wrong the same old rubbish can be just as useful if you have someone that knows what they like and likes what they know!  So its important to make sure you collect a good range of guides to cover all the people you need to buy for, kids, friends, spouses, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters depending on ages, tastes and price ranges.

Once you have all your lovely guides, have a good look through each one, then go back to mark the products you like from them and even better if you can make some kind of note as to who you think would like them.  The guides also give you a good way of budget planning your gifts as all the prices will be in there and any offers such a 3 for 2, etc.  That being said it is a good idea to keep your eye out for special offers in stores in the run up to Christmas, events like black Friday may be worth waiting for if you have certain items in mind.  Lots of big brands also run additional short term offers so keep your eye out for the bargains.

It is always a good idea once you have the products in mind to go to the store and do a little investigating to see whether they look as good as you expected and that you are happy.  My top guides from this year are Tesco, Fenwicks and Debenhams.  I also think M & S have some interesting new gifts this year particularly for kids.

Gifts - Guides, lists and planning


Now once we have done the gift guide ground work it is time to make our Christmas list, make it as high or low tech as you like.  Mine is on excel, I take Christmas a bit seriously (I’m sure you haven’t noticed!), and I like to track my presents to each person so that I can make sure I never repeat the same gift.  I think you tend to buy some people the same presents over and over again so I like to make sure this doesn’t happen for me.  At the same time it can be really useful for the more difficult people in your list to go back a few years to get some inspiration of what they liked or didn’t like previously!

So back to your list keep it simple name of person and gift idea then as you buy them just cross them off the list.  Easy peasy now we have been through all the gift guides and got some ideas you can whizz through the list filling in your ideas.  Then comes the fun part going out to buy them all.  The earlier you go the less people at the shops which is why I like to start in September!  Remember if you really can’t think of anything for someone on your list, try getting ideas from people close to them, things they are doing, listen for any hints and look for them as well sometimes you get an idea from something they already have.  If all else fails just ask, everyone would much rather have something they want!


You’ve done the research, written the list and brought the presents but for most of us the finances are important so make sure you keep space on your list to keep track of the cost of each present, as I mentioned above write the price you expect to pay before you start buying so you know you are on track.  Keep it updated with actual costs as you buy.  I know this all sounds rather dry and a certain amount of my present buying is done as I am out and about and I just see something great but I always go back to update my list.  It is so easy to get carried away at this time of year so just keep one eye on the pennies and you can have a happy new year too!

Hopefully with my help your gift planning will go much smoother and remember to save your list for reference next year.  Also please remember to recycle any gift guides you collect!

Happy Shopping to ALL!

Sam x

Planning tips, budgeting tips, Christmas loving tips send them in and we will make sure to include them in our Christmas weeks.  Visit the join in page to contact us.

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