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Bullying: My Journey

My journey with bullying has been a long and hard one. It has resulted in many sleepless nights from crying to be to scared to leave the house.

The biggest chunk of bullying came from my school life. I was bullied from the first day of infant school to the last day of secondary school. My first memorable bullying experience was from a teacher. She use to make snide comments at me and one day made me wait so long for the toilet that I wet myself in front of my whole class. I had never been so embarrassed. Shortly after I moved years and my mum made sure she wasn’t my teacher.

 The following year I was bullied by a boy called Sean*. He bullied me for the 4 years. These were the longest 4 years. He broke my nose, pulled my hair, stabbed me in the eye with a pencil ( Yes you read that right) and threw me into a tree. There were countless hospital trips let alone days where my mum had to basically force me to go to school. This bullying was allowed to continue by the school that I went to. They used the excuse that he had learning difficulties as a reason why they couldn’t reprimand him.

This next story ran alongside the bullying I was experiencing by Sean. This boy is called Rogan. Rogan* was bigger boy which he used to his advantage. At the age of 7 I was pinned into a corner whilst he would touch my private areas and my chest which has now turned to be my breasts. Over months this happened multiple time and he would force me to sit on his lap which would be innocent, had the previous event not happened.  The incidents with Rogan finished when I spoke to my mum and again she spoke to the teachers at the school and it was stopped.

When I was 12 I started Secondary school and I finally felt like this was a new start. I was wrong!!

The first issues I had was with a girl called Chelsea* A few things happened and this was all over me ’being her friend’. Throughout the next year my stuff was stolen, my hair was pulled and once again the teachers stuck up for my bully and found reasoning for that.

At 14 I was bullied by my maths teacher. After failing as times table test by just a few marks, he told me to get a gun and shoot myself. Luckily I wasn’t that way inclined and I told my mum who went in with my dad and told him he had to either apologise to me or they would go to someone higher. Its sure enough he came and apologised to me.

There were a few more situations but I think i should probably save them for another time.

How did I overcome bullying?

Bullying still has its grips on me. However, if it weren’t for certain things I did I wouldn’t be where I am now.

  1. Always tell someone what is going on. It can be stopped! It doesn’t matter if it’s cyber bullying or if it’s happening in person it’s not right! The person I went to was my mum, but if you can’t talk to family then talk to a friend, myself.
  2. If you can’t talk about it write it down! I went through a stage where i couldn’t tell my mum about what was going on so I would write her a letter and leave it for her to find.
  3. Realise that nothing that happens to you is your fault! You don’t deserve to be bullied!!

What should I take away from this?

I want you to understand what a small comment can do to someone, and what impact it can have on their lives. Due to bullying I now have General Anxiety Disorder. It is that bad that I can not function without my medication. I can not leave the house with my son without having multiple safety factors in place

So before you post that comment about someone on Facebook, Twitter etc. Make sure it’s really what you want to say because once it’s said it can’t be taken back and once someone hears those words the damage is done.

I will be making my bullying journey into a series on my blog. Please feel free to head on over to www.everydayyoungmumblog.wordpress.com to catch up!

*All of the above names have been changed!*

Have you been in a situation like this? Has this advice been useful to you? Or do you have any advice for Jade? Let us know what you think in the comments. If you want to share you stuff with us to help others in the Live Laugh Giraffe community let us know HERE.

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