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Doing it with the Kids – Find Something You all Love and Do it Together!

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Are you looking for a little bonding time bonus?!  Jason shares how to achieve it…

It can be a struggle finding the time to do things for yourself, what with kids to look after and entertain, work commitments and households to run.

I’m a stay at home dad, who works during the school day and then spends most of the rest of my time dog walking and taking my son to swimming classes, tennis, football and cricket training or matches and struggling to get him to concentrate on his homework.

With so much on it can be difficult to find time to do something I want to do.

But what if I combine things, and join in with my son?

Almost three years ago my Son and I enrolled with a local martial arts class. 

Bonding Time

I had never done anything like this before so it was as new to me as it was him.  We were both novices trying something new, together.

After attending two free trial classes we both enrolled.  It’s great because the school offers family classes in addition to those for adults and children, so we get to learn, practice and train together.

We can ask one another for help in properly performing a prescribed pattern or form and we can encourage one another when we find something difficult.

And he gets to see my ups and downs and my determination to practice, improve and progress, which inspires him to do the same, not just in his martial art, but in everything he undertakes.

For the last year I have been an Assistant Instructor at the class, giving me a teaching role with adults but mostly other children.  So, my son now sees me helping the friends he has made at the club learn and practice new techniques and give something back to the local community.  Another great example to set.

By training together, we are killing two birds with one stone.  I’m going with him and he is going with me.  We are both participating.  I get to spend four to five hours a week doing something I enjoy and socialising with the new friends I have made, whilst he is doing exactly the same, in the same room.

But I’m not the only one.

A few weeks ago, I watched two father – son combinations all test for and achieve their Black Belts.  Seeing the pride each of the sons held for their dads on their achievement was wonderful to behold.  They were almost more pleased for dad than they were for themselves. 

Bonding Time
Join In and share your time management tips.

There are full families that train together, mums who learn with their daughters and other dads who come along with their kids.

In every case the bond that doing something together creates is very evident.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be martial arts.  There is a wide range of activities families can engage in.  If your child plays for a local team why not help out with coaching them?  If they are learning something new; tennis, swimming, chess or a musical instrument for example, why not take it up too?

With the pressures of modern life, it’s difficult to find the time for yourself.  But, by finding something you all enjoy and doing it together you turn time for yourself into time for ourselves whilst creating the opportunity to do something for yourself. 

Having experienced and seen the benefits for myself, I highly recommend it!

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What could you try with your kids?  Are you already doing something like this as Jason is?  Share your pictures or story with us Live it…Laugh it…Giraffe it…

Photo Credit – Unsplash (Andrew Branch)

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