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We are Sam and Vicki,  sisters and big fans of giraffes!

We are the Head Keepers of the website Live Laugh Giraffe. Sam is the creative one with all the ideas and writing talent and Vicki is the practical one, helping to keep it all together.

The idea is just to share your stuff for people to look at and either find support if it is an issue, through positive commenting, or enjoy if it’s a fun post. Our goal is to build your confidence by removing the pressures of social media so you can be free to be your honest and true self!

Our Goal

The idea for Live Laugh Giraffe is that there are plenty of mum support websites and blogs out there but not much in the way of support for everyone else!  

Particularly for kids, there were no real places for kids to share issues to be seen and supported by other kids.  

Live Laugh Giraffe wants to change that!

Join In

Join in With LLG

Whether you are a kid or an adult you can help us to change attitudes and show everyone that seeing things through new eyes can offer a different perspective.

Kids can support the adults with their unique insights into their problems and then let the adults help you back, many of them may have been through similar problems.  

Share Your Brand With LLG

We would love to share your brand with our audience, particularly if you are a young brand trying to get noticed. 

We are very selective about the brands we feature they have to resonate with our values to get a chance to speak to our audience.

Contact us for a copy of our Media Kit.