Charlotte Hudson - Young Entrepreneur

Charlotte Hudson – Being a Young Person in Business

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Charlotte Hudson a successful entrepreneur from Kent, who runs her own dance school.  She has kindly shared her story of how she turned her passion into a business which is going from strength to strength! Q1 How did your business journey start and was there anyone in particular …

YouTube - Hook the Viewer


  With the spotlight on entrepreneurs this week we are delighted to have Silvia Del Corso sharing her tips on hooking the viewer on YouTube.  Silvia assists Small Business and Freelancers with Digital Marketing (Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Management, PPC, E-mail Marketing) and has done so for 7 years. Her new website PinkSEO.Marketing will …

Extra Curricular - 5 Ways to relieve social pressure

Making the Most of Extra Curricular – 5 Ways to Relieve the Social Pressure

Social pressure is mainly thought of as a childhood problem but I am sure many adults would agree to feeling their fair share of social pressure as well.  So today we are talking about 5 ways you can put the brakes on the social pressure in your life! Get a Hobby! For kids especially, I …


Bullying: My Journey

My journey with bullying has been a long and hard one. It has resulted in many sleepless nights from crying to be to scared to leave the house. The biggest chunk of bullying came from my school life. I was bullied from the first day of infant school to the last day of secondary school. …


Self Esteem – Natural vs Photoshopped

We have been talking about self esteem here at Live Laugh Giraffe. One of the things that makes us feel less good about ourselves is the images of ‘perfect’ celebrities and models in magazines. What a lot of people don’t realise is that most, if not all, images in magazines are now touched up to …


The Explain It! Series – How the UK Government Works

Over the Explain It! series of articles we will attempt to explain politics and government in a way that hopefully makes sense for you and will allow you to understand how things work in the world around you  Starting with: The UK Parliamentary System – From Election to Law As you might be aware from …


Have No Regrets – It’s Never Too Late

I think all of us at some stage have a dream of what we want to do with our lives. Many achieve their dreams at a relatively young age, but for some of us life tends to get in the way.   I was over forty when I achieved my dream and I never thought …


Reconnect Series – Back to School Dinner

  Back to School time can be a stressful time for both parents and kids. As part of our reconnect series we have put together some ideas for a special family dinner to have in the week before school restarts, to get you talking and having some fun before the big day. So, get decorating, …

BTS - What's in your bag this September?

BTS – Inspiration for your bag this September?!

From your lunch bag, to your school bag, to your locker there are so many great ways to personalise your stuff these days.  Here a few of our lovely regular contributors have given us access to their bags.  Find your inspiration, take a sneak peak!  We have also been scouring pinterest to find you the …

BTS - Let's Do This! Free Printable

BTS – Let’s do this! Free Printable!

Ok so September is nearly here and no one wants to go BTS! Do you want to go back and just go through the same old routine or do you want to shake it up?! Don’t plan to fail, make a plan to take control. We have created a free printable to help you decide …