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10 Best Rides at Walt Disney World Florida as chosen by my 6 yr Old!


Here are the top 10 rides as chosen by my 6yr old daughter after our family Christmas Holiday at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Source: All Things Disney

1 – Test Track (Epcot)

She got a higher score than the rest of us, need I say more about why this was her favourite!  Seriously though this ride offers a real experience from building your car and testing it through to having it rated makes any rider feel like this was more than just a ride.




2 – Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain (Animal Kingdom)

 Without giving too much away my daughter and I have never been on a ride like this before, totally different and totally terrifying!






3 – Tomorrowland Speedway (Magic Kingdom)

I absolutely love this ride and luckily now both my daughter do as well.  This was a must do on my list as my youngest loves cars and is always hopping into the front seat when I am not looking.  A fun family favourite smiles all round.




4 – The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (Hollywood Studios)

A truly terrifying experience!  I forgot how scary this ride was not having been on it for a good number of years myself and I had been happily describing it as a large frog hopper, (her favourite ride), to my daughter who was practically in tears by the time we got to the top for the big drop but we survived and a gift from the shop was necessary as a reminder of our bravery.



Source: Disney.Wikia.com

5 – Fantasmic! (Hollywood Studios)

Although not technically a ride she could not miss this off her list.  No matter how many times we watch it and it is a must every visit it never seems to lose anything of its impact.  We are amazed, scared and intranced all at once.




6 – Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom)

An excellent water ride we certainly got plenty wet!  The best thing about this ride is that it wasn’t just a simple up and down there was more to explore and we enjoyed the anticipation of each bend.






Source: Disney.Wikia.com

7 – Ellen’s Energy Adventure (Epcot)

You can’t beat the classics it seems, all the adults came out saying this ride was in desperate need of updating and out she skips saying it was one of the best rides!  It certainly must be impressive in its scale to a little 6 year old and educational too!



8 – DINOSAUR (Animal Kingdom)

We didn’t get much time in the animal kingdom park but it certainly made an impact on us all really great to be among all the animals and some brilliant rides.  I didn’t get to experience this one with her as it was daddy’s turn but the photo says it all.



9 – Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom)

Another oldie but goodie!  One thing Disney does so well is really carry the theme of the ride all the way through from the queue to the staff to the ride itself it all sets you up for the experience.  I think the best think about this ride was the dark or did I just have my eyes closed?!


Source: Insidethemagic.net

10 – Soarin’ (Epcot)

This ride would definitely be higher up on my own list, amazing stuff and different views than the last time I flew!  For my daughter the winning factor was seeing the Great Wall of China a sight we have vowed to see in person one day and doubly exciting as we had just a few days before been discussing how it looks.

My tip fastpass+ is a must for 9 out 10 of these rides.

We hope you enjoy these rides on your next visit! Let us know your No 1 ride in the comments and don’t forget to Live it, Laugh it and especially Giraffe it!  Click here to learn more!

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